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Technologies used: Remix, Tailwind, Prisma, SQL

Github repo:

After working in the web dev industry for many years already, working on many blog and seo based websites and businesses (especially in the early stages of my career) I realized it's long due to release a blog of my own. In that period I have learned about the existence of remix which seemed to be a good choice for a project like that because it renders server side which if crawler friendly and should yield nice search engine ratings.

For the styling I used tailwind which I always do as it is by far the best experience with a styling library I ever had. I tried to keep it simple. For The database setup I have used prisma in order not to overcomplicate things and having to write a backend for this. Prisma does the job very well, with all models being defined in the app itself which. I am keeping everything hosted on render as it has a very simple setup where you can host your remix app as well as an sql database that you can easily connect to and that gets backed up every day.

Content can be added and edited directly from the app. I have 2 main post types at the time of the writing of this, which are the blog posts and the project posts. The models for the database are defined in the models folder and be easily changed and then hosted on reder. I have tried hosting the app on azure devops, but it gets very costly very quickly, so in the end I decided to stay on render.

My repo for this is public and freely available for everyone that might need something like this. It's not completely clean in the sense that it has some of my data in it still, but as I work on it and build it out I plan to have it available as a template that is very easy to set up. In case you are interested in setting this up for yourself or someone, head to the github link at the top of this page to the project, clone the repo and run the code. In case you build a website from it, please, let me know and we might collaborate on further improving it!

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