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Hi everyone and thank you for visiting!

This is my first real blog post, made quite a few weeks after this website has been launched. I was hoping to create a full tutorial on how it was created and what technologies I used, but it seemed like a really large task so I decided against it in the end. Instead, I am going to write here briefly about what technologies I used.

As I have a good amount of experience using React and typescript I was hoping to use something similar, however React is not that good for SEO since the content is usually loaded via api calls made after the page is already partially rendered, so it didn't seem like the best choice. I worked with Wordpress a lot in the past which is perfect for a blog and good search engine optimization, but I really wanted the project and website to be modern and well written and I don't think that is possible with WP. After some researching, I came across remix and the t3 stack projects among others and they end up being my first two choices. Just plain react would require me to create a backend in another technology which seemed like too much work, at least at the time.

Both options seemed to provide me what I needed for my website. They looked like they would work nicely and I could have server side rendering which would make my site perform well on search engines. I have never really worked with next.js (which is what the t3 stack is built upon) and at the time remix was being aquired by shopify so I assumed it had a future. I checked how the database is created and how data is handled and the system really reminded me of a simpler entity framework which I work with at my job so I decided to go for it and try it out. I will use the t3 stack in the future for another project to try it out for sure.

Now that the site is live, I must say I am happy with the results. I have a way to create and edit posts as well as their metadata. I didn't really document the process, but the repository is on github and can be accessed by anyone. I will soon write blog posts about how I handled parts of the build, like the SEO data and the sitemap generator.

Apart from the blog, I hope to also soon create something like a section to showcase my projects, which will be a build that I will hopefully document along the way. Once that is done, I will update this post and put the link here.


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